Tips for playing Fortnite for new people

The following article will share some Fortnite play tips for newcomers with a chance to survive and reach high rankings in every deadly match.

Fortnite was originally a not-so-known open-world survival game that focused on building houses similar to Minecraft. However, the rise of battle royale titles such as PUBG has caused Epic developers to reflect and decide to launch the Battle Royale mode for Fortnite. From here, Fortnite just started to be famous and has many participants, now the game has surpassed PUBG in the number of players, viewers and revenue.


Fortnite games for young people.

So what makes Fortnite different from PUBG? If you are a newcomer to Fortnite you need to understand the difference of the game from many other Battle Royale titles on the market, as this is the decisive factor once you really want to participate in the deadly battles of this title. Let’s come along with Fortnite tips for new players.

1. The Difference of Fortnite

What makes Fortnite different is the build feature, which was the original feature of Fortnite when it was launched. As Epic brought the built-in system to the Battle Royale arena, it changed the whole of the insights, the common tactics that players still commonly apply to previous Battle Royales such as PUBG.

The fact that you can build a hundred-storey tower to create an observation and sniper advantage for yourself, build a stone wall as a shield to protect your teammates from enemy bullets, you can even take advantage of this very building feature to trick the enemy into the trap and be overthrown by your own construction… The task now is not just to take a favorable position or scratch an opponent like PUBG because now, anyone can create an advantage for themselves. The story no longer revolves around good shooting skills, but also reflection and quick thinking in building and destroying enemy buildings. It is no longer listening to the foot to judge, but looking at the architecture to find the hole.

2. The first limit.

For new players because they do not know how each game works, every time you enter the game you will feel overwhelmed by too many things happening around, resulting in the unknowing what to do and every reflex becomes slow even if you are a person who naturally has extremely fast reflexes, everyone calls it a “unfamiliar” disease.

For this healing to take time to adapt, any game has to give the player a specific time to adjust. So to adapt to the game, all you need to do is limit the confrontation right from landing. Like any other Battle Royale game, “loot walking bo” tactics are commonly seen by newcomers. With Fortnite, scratch crowded areas so you have time to get acquainted with the mechanism, no need to rush to win and lose.

3. Landing on the roof.

With the construction mechanism, each player will have a bird hole at the beginning of the game to knock stones, break walls and collect building materials. The houses in the game can use this spark to break down, so the parachute jumping tactic when playing Fortnite is not to land in front of the door of a house to run into the loot but to land on the roof, using the speck to break into the house.

Because Fortnite’s furniture arrangement mechanism often prioritizes high-rise buildings that appear to be better equipped than lower buildings, in addition, the advantage of attacking from above down is always better. The opponent on the bottom floor will not be able to reach the top ceiling to break but you on the top floor can completely surprise by breaking the 2nd floor (the 1st ceiling) to suddenly attack from top down. This tactic would make the enemy extremely panicked and unable to react.

4. Learn and remember the places.

Learning maps, landscaping by region, remembering places where valuables or treasure boxes appear are crucial in any battle royale game. New to the game, you choose a specific location and practice jumping just that place until you are in the heart of the terrain, its design.

This will give you a lot of advantages later on, from jumping in where first, how to move out to be able to loot this location as quickly as possible, which positions have advantages when fighting, what positions are inferior, should build up how to avoid the above things…

5. Use of high standards.

In Fortnite you’ll see every player trying to climb as high as possible to their advantage. Above you can observe very wide, the enemy in the ground will often have no optimal shelter that can cover the guns shot straight from the top down, architectures or houses can be broken.

6. Always try to get ahead.

Detecting enemies in advance is always an advantage, listen closely to the sounds and keep looking around as they are the only keys that give you the chance to detect enemies before they detect you.

Once the enemy is detected, rely on the surrounding situation to come up with a rational fighting solution. Your ears can distinguish very well the sound of movements of feet, explosions or shootings, which perfectly gives theories about the circumstances around you. Feel there is no other opponent nearby attack the one you just discovered, be discovered by them then face-to-face attack to create surprise or avoid confrontation if you feel around and the presence of many other enemies, the choice is somehow up to you.

7. Always use the construction process.

A wooden wall can temporarily shield you, take advantage of these structures to give you a chance to escape if you fall into difficult situations. Build a few more walls to run out of the empty space or build stairs to move up high to regain superiority over your opponents. These can also help you move to geographical locations on the map that you can’t climb by moving normally.

In addition, taking advantage of the third viewing angle, standing close to a wall you can observe a lot of things happening behind that wall thanks to the angle of looking through the shoulder while the opposite, the opponent can’t detect you.

8. Fully equipped before the war.

Always remember that you’re playing a survival game and sure you can’t survive without being fully equipped. Weapons, armor, ambulance and chemicals. Make sure everything is at least enough before you plunge into a battle.

In addition to all the above equipment, Fortnite requires raw materials to build the building, so don’t forget to cut down trees, dismantle houses to collect building materials that help you gain an advantage over the enemy.

9. Do not forget to run out of the deadly circle.

Fortnite is a battle royale game and the closed deadly circle is indispensable. The passion for shooting each other, the passion for loot stuff, the fascination for building and forgetting to notice that the circle is gradually closing is nothing more than self-harming. All battle royale games tend to get on board as soon as possible with a sufficient amount of equipment and not too much.

Always track the time bo prepares to close right on the map, pay attention to your current position distance from bo and calculate to move into bo rationally, you will survive longer than any other player.

Here are a few Fortnite tips for beginners, hopefully it will help you when you are new to this game