Today marks the release of Sonic Frontiers’ second free content update, which celebrates Sonic’s birthday.

Sonic Team announced Sonic’s Birthday Bash, the second free content update on Sonic Frontiers’ 2023 timetable, during today’s Sonic Central broadcast commemorating the anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. As part of the game’s 2023 road map, the update was announced in November 2022.

Sonic’s Birthday Bash update includes new challenges, abilities, and a new type of collectible Koco. The update also promises complimentary birthday decorations for our protagonist, in addition to the inclusion of New Game Plus. As is typical with most New Game Plus modes, you can restart the adventure with all of your skill tree and power-up levels transferred over into the new file.

Today marks the release of Sonic Frontiers' second free content update, which celebrates Sonic's birthday.

Sonic’s Birthday Bash is available for free download beginning at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET today. In March, the first of three content updates was released, introducing a photo mode, Cyber Space Challenges, and Battle Rush mode, as well as a jukebox containing collectible tunes from Sonic’s past. Later this year, the third update, which promises to be the most substantive, will introduce new playable characters and a new narrative. For more information on Sonic Frontiers, please see our review of the base game.