How To Get A Chocobo Mount In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy XVI tucks away some helpful gameplay features behind certain sidequests. You’ll know a sidequest unlocks a new something important if the green quest icon has a plus sign in it, and these will pop up throughout your journey in the main story. Things like better gear recipes, expanding your potion inventory, increasing potion strength are beholden to these quests. One major feature that is also locked behind a sidequest is the Chocobo mount. Here we’ll show you how to unlock the Chocobo in FFXVI so you can start riding around Valisthea with speed.

Final Fantasy 16: How to get a Chocobo mount

You won’t be able to access the Chocobo unlock quest until about the halfway point of the game, roughly around the time Clive reaches level 25. You’ll have a main story quest in Martha’s Rest in the Central Rosaria region and it’s here where you’ll find the sidequest titled, “The White Winged Wonder” near the southern entrance of the town. Speak to the quest-giver, who is standing next to his own Chocobo, to start it. Follow the objective, finish the battle at the end of the questline, then watch a sweet little cutscene. Easy as that.

Once you unlock your Chocobo mount, you can use it in most areas of the open hub regions throughout the game; just hold R3 for a quick second and Clive will summon his Chocobo. This makes getting around the open fields easier. You can also run past enemy mobs while on your Chocobo. Just be careful not to get hit since it will knock Clive off the mount.

The quest itself is easy, but it’s just as easy to miss the quest entirely, especially if you’re mainlining the story. So be on the lookout as you approach this part in the story or go back to Martha’s Rest if you overlooked it.

How to get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

How to get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

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